A Lifetime Love of Learning

I’m posting this today, Valentine’s Day, because love is actually a very important goal for us at Age of Learning, the early childhood education company I founded a few years ago.

Not the romantic love typically associated with this day, but the love of learning.

With our award-winning ABCmouse.com Early Learning Academy website, we teach the youngest learners valuable skills through our comprehensive online curriculum–designed, developed, and guided by our team of early childhood education experts. But we aim to do much more than that.

We strive to fully engage young children in their education in a way that inspires a true love of learning that helps them become successful learners now-–and throughout their lives.

We know that the knowledge, skills, confidence, self-esteem, and perhaps most importantly, the love of learning that young children develop with us will help lay a solid foundation for their future success, both academically and personally.

Here are a few of the thousands of recent messages from parents and educators that keep us inspired:

I never thought a website could offer such a broad range of learning and play at just the right level for my kids. I was going to just give the site a try, but we’re hooked! My three-year-old has so much confidence in his own ability to learn. I love the rewards system. ABC Mouse has changed my opinion of the value of computer-based learning.

Mother of a 3-year old boy

I have seen tremendous growth in all of my kids this whole year by using ABCmouse.com. It gives kids this love of knowledge, a thirst for learning.  They want to be successful.

Kindergarten Teacher

We started using abcmouse.com 3 months ago, and my son can’t get enough of this site. He is learning so quickly. Using abcmouse.com has put such a hunger for learning that even when we are not on this site all he wants to do is look at books, look for letters, numbers, and colors everywhere we go. He even looks for shapes of letters in the ceiling woodwork corners, hangers, etc. It’s amazing! We love this site. Thank-you abcmouse.com!!

Mother of a 2-year-old boy

My son was behind in Pre-K and his teachers said there wasn’t much they could do. My son is strong willed, energetic, and loves the outdoors. Classroom work was extremely difficult for him. He became frustrated and shut down because he simply didn’t understand. This site has been life changing. He’s thriving and LEARNING with this site. He’s mastered his ABC’s song in a weeks time and is excited to come home and “play” on ABCmouse each day. The positive reinforcements have made him feel like he can succeed. Thank you for creating this site and saving my sons future.

Mother of a 5-year old boy

My kids have such a passion for learning. And if I could say one factor that instilled that passion in learning for them, it’s ABCMouse.com.

Kindergarten Teacher

 My daughter at 3 and 4-years old didn’t live with me, so when I got her, I didn’t know what she could or couldn’t do. I wasn’t sure how to learn what she knew or didn’t know. Every Friday for an hour we spent time on ABCmouse, and within 6 months she was ahead of her class! I was her best friend again and I knew how my baby was doing and I knew how to help her learn! ABCmouse gave me back something I thought I had lost forever. THANK YOU ABCmouse FOR BRINGING ME AND MY BABY GIRL BACK TOGETHER AGAIN AND HELPING ME HELP HER. I COULDN’T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOUR HELP!!!

Mother of a 5-year old girl

I have 3 children on ABC Mouse. My youngest daughter is 2 and has been on ABC Mouse for a few months now. She has learned so much in such a short time! She is now applying what she has learned online through ABC Mouse to everyday activities! She goes around the house counting and identifying things, pointing out letters and numbers and telling me about them! Other friends and family members are noticing the amazing changes and are asking us how. We don’t tell them, we show them! We log in and let them see how she just soaks it all up and how much fun it is for her! I was impressed in the beginning but now I am totally blown away! Best thing I have ever done for my children!

Mother of two 5-year olds and a 2-year old

And that’s why we truly love what we do.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Age of Learning.