Doug Dohring Named a Top 100 Influencer by EdTech Digest

I respect EdTech Digest, so I was honored to be named a Top 100 Influencer in their new State of EdTech report. You can order your copy here...

ABCmouse Mastering Math Wins Best Educational App Award


I’m thrilled to share that our new ABCmouse Mastering Math app was recently named Best Educational App by the Best Mobile App Awards.

Mastering Math is an innovative, game-based adaptive early learning app that helps preschool through kindergarten children build a strong understanding of the most fundamental math concepts: number sequences, numeral recognition, and counting objects. This is a key requirement for success in kindergarten and beyond. The app uses appealing characters and personalized learning pathways to help children achieve mastery through practice. We believe that the unique combination of high-quality personalized early education with the ability to reach millions of children in need makes Mastering Math a truly noteworthy educational app.

The Mastering Math app leverages the Personalized Mastery Learning System developed by Age of Learning, Inc. This adaptive learning platform recommends and customizes learning games to deliver an individualized learning path and personalized education to every child. The app actively adapts in real time to a child’s existing knowledge, filling in gaps in understanding and teaching new material as the child demonstrates they are ready for more advanced learning activities. Using data from a child’s interaction, the system adapts the sequence of activities presented, and even adapts within each activity, to optimize each child’s learning experience and ultimately help all children achieve math mastery.

Mastering Math is free for all members of ABCmouse Early Learning Academy. Learn more and download here for iPads and iPhones or here for Android devices.