Age of Learning Celebrates 50 Years of Head Start

Dr. Palacios Head Start Conference Speech

Dr. Rebecca Palacios, Sr. Curriculum Advisor at Age of Learning, speaking at the 2015 Head Start Conference celebrating 50 years of Head Start.

Age of Learning and Head Start share a commitment to helping every child learn, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances. That’s why we have been a consistent supporter of Head Start, offering free access to our complete, award-winning curriculum for all Head Start programs, and serving thousands of Head Start classrooms to date.

Age of Learning was recently a proud sponsor at the 2015 National Head Start Association conference in Washington, D.C., which celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Head Start program. Dr. Rebecca Palacios, Senior Curriculum Advisor at Age of Learning was invited to address the more than 5,000 people attending the conference. Speaking prior to Cornell Brooks, President and CEO of the NAACP, and “father of Head Start” Edward Zigler, Dr. Palacios delivered personal and inspirational words that resonated with the large audience of Head Start Directors, teachers, and other supporters.

To share her story with a broader audience, we’ve posted her conference address on the Age of Learning blog.