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Doug Dohring, Age of Learning CEO

Doug Dohring has spent the past 11 years as CEO of Age of Learning, which owns and operates the ABCmouse.com Early Learning Academy website and apps. Since launching ABCmouse.com in 2010, Doug Dohring and his team of curriculum experts have built the website and apps into renowned resources for early education lessons for children ages 2-8. Doug Dohring and his team at Age of Learning launched ABCmouse for Schools, a complete solution for schools, school districts, and school groups, in 2016. ABCmouse for Schools includes systematic onboarding and implementation services, ongoing usage reports and training to improve teaching and student results, teacher support, and enterprise support for IT and school leadership to help ensure overall program success using ABCmouse. Learn more about ABCmouse for Schools.

ABCmouse uses a rich library of interactive online games, puzzles, songs, art projects, books, and other activities to engage the youngest learners and help prepare them for kindergarten and beyond. ABCmouse also provides supplemental learning to children who are currently attending prekindergarten, kindergarten, or first grade. Whether accessed at home or in the classroom, ABCmouse offers more than 850 lessons and more than 10,000 learning activities.

Age of Learning also launch a number of mobile ABCmouse apps (available for iOS and Android), including the award-winning ABCmouse Mastering Math app (iOS and Android).

Age of Learning is working to continually expand the ABCmouse curriculum. Read about ABCmouse expanding to cover 1st grade and adding a 2nd grade curriculum. Development of educational content for older elementary school children is well under way.

In 2018, Doug Dohring and the Age of Learning team launched ReadingIQ, a comprehensive digital library offering unlimited reading of expert-curated books for children 12 and under.

Age of Learning Education Access Initiatives

Doug Dohring’s vision for Age of Learning is to help bring high quality educational resources to all young children, regardless of their financial resources. Through Age of Learning’s education access initiatives, ABCmouse.com is free to teachers in public and private schools, libraries, community centers, public housing authorities, and other youth-oriented community organizations. ABCmouse for Teachers is now used regularly used in more than 70,000 classrooms, and ABCmouse for Libraries is now available to more than 60% of the U.S. population for free at their local public library.

In late 2014, Age of Learning pledged to support the White House’s Invest In US initiative with more than $10 million in early education resources, and in the summer of 2015 announced support for the White House’s ConnectHome initiative, offering free early learning resources to families in HUD-assisted housing.

Learn more about Doug Dohring’s Education Access Initiatives at Age of Learning.

Awards for ABCmouse and Mastering Math

The work that has been done by Doug Dohring and the Age of Learning team in creating this world-class educational resource for families and teachers has received numerous awards and accolades for ABCmouse.com, such as Learning Magazine’s Teachers’ Choice Award, the Parents’ Choice Gold Award, the Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award, the Tillywig Brain Child Award, the 2015 National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, the Tabby Awards and Users’ Choice Awards for best tablet apps, and the National Parenting Publications Award.

According to The National Parenting Center awards review in Spring 2015, “Age of Learning has created a dual website and mobile app that brings a fun world of learning to pre-schoolers. Set in a colorful classroom environment, children will find games and activities that teach reading, math, science, colors, and music. The games use songs, puzzles and books, which are read out loud to your child. Users get a nice level of immersion with just the right dose of rewards built in.”

In 2018, Age of Learning won three Gold Stevie Awards recognizing ABCmouse Mastering Math as the New Education Product or Service of the Year in the following categories:

ABCmouse Mastering Math is an innovative, game-based adaptive early learning app designed to deliver an individualized learning path and personalized education to every child.

Doug Dohring at NeoPets CEO

Doug Dohring founded Age of Learning, Inc. after five years as CEO and chairman of NeoPets, Inc. (The Wall Street Journal website published an article about Doug Dohring’s transition from Neopets to Age of Learning.) By 2005, Doug and his team at NeoPets had made neopets.com into one of the world’s most popular websites, with an average of more than 5 billion page views per month. Harvard Business School did a case study about Doug Dohring and NeoPets. Doug Dohring sold that company to Viacom for $160 million the same year.

Doug Dohring at The Dohring Company

Prior to NeoPets, Doug Dohring was CEO of The Dohring Company, a leading market research company that he founded in 1986. The Dohring Company was named a top-100 market research firm in North America by Advertising Age magazine. After growing the business into a leading online market research platform with millions of users, Doug Dohring agreed to sell The Dohring Company’s OpinionSurveys.com panel to a NASDAQ-listed company that was subsequently acquired by Microsoft. Doug Dohring took his entire management team from The Dohring Company and transitioned it to NeoPets, Inc., in 2000.

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