New ABCmouse Mobile Apps — for Learning on the Go!


ABCmouse mobile appsI’m proud to report that after many months of hard work, our talented app development teams at Age of Learning have released a series of new ABCmouse mobile apps (for both iOS and Android) that complement our main® Early Learning Academy app! This growing constellation of engaging educational content currently includes six apps that offer downloadable ABCmouse content for offline use, making ABCmouse even easier for families to access—no matter where they go. These apps, available at no additional cost to all ABCmouse subscribers, are particularly valuable when Wi-Fi or mobile Internet access is unavailable, such as on a plane, in a car, or in a restaurant. Read more on the Age of Learning blog…

ABCmouse Customer Feedback for August

I’m happy once again to share some of the amazing feedback we’ve received from parents and teachers about our ABCmouse website and apps.

My daughter has been using since she was 2. She’s now 6 and going into 1st grade. She was reading at a 1st grade level in kindergarten and doing math at the 1st grade level!! By the end of the year she was recognizing 2nd grade level words!! The teachers asked if I would allow her to help the other kids learn the math!! I was AMAZED and EXTREMELY PROUD!! This site is AWESOME!!!!

—Mother of a 6-year-old girl in Charlotte, NC


I love ABCmouse! I use it as part of my centers every week and my students absolutely love getting to play it, and I love that they are learning so much while they play! Thank you for such a great site to use in my classroom!

—Kindergarten teacher in Cheyenne, WY


This activity (Level 9 Activity 17828) builds students’ abilities to look for shapes in things that they see every day. Great to build visual mathematical literacy.

—Mother of a 1st grade girl in Los Angeles, CA

ABCmouse is amazing! My son, nephews, and class all use the site—it’s so easy to use. Any time I have a problem and I send an email to customer support, I always get a message saying that my email has been received and I get a response to my inquiry quickly. I love this site.

—Mother and teacher in Columbia-Jefferson City, MO

Certainly the best and most complete learning website I have come across for 3- to 6-year-olds. And fun too! Way to go Mouse!

—Kindergarten teacher in Columbus, OH

ABCmouse is a great resource for my special education students. I can individualize the activities and base them on their educational needs.

—Special education teacher in Toledo, OH

This is the BEST online teaching program I have used for my 5-year-old grandson. He is learning so much and having FUN doing it!!! That is what counts—he WANTS learn. Thank you SO much!!!

—Grandmother of a 5-year-old boy in Charleston, SC

My son is autistic, and we have struggled to find the right educational environment for him. He is limited in a lot of ways, but ABCmouse has been perfect for him. We use it to supplement our other homeschool materials to give him the best foundation we can. He loves it and has done so well with a structured and fun learning environment.

—Mother of a 6-year-old boy in Augusta, GA