Parents and Teachers Share Their Feedback about ABCmouse

At Age of Learning, we’re proud of the efficacy of our digital learning resources, as demonstrated in large scale studies of ABCmouse. But hearing directly from individual parents and teacher about how ABCmouse has made a positive impact in the lives of their children and students is equally gratifying.

For that reason, I’ll be periodically sharing selections from the thousands of feedback emails we receive each month here on my blog.

I love ABCmouse! My daughter could read brand new books cover to cover by the time she turned 4. She is 4 1/2 now and reading on a 2nd or 3rd grade level. She can also do basic addition and subtraction and has advanced reasoning skills as well. Thank you for creating such a comprehensive and entertaining learning program!!

–Mother of a 4-year-old girl

I love this site. My kindergarten kids also love it. I like that I can add specific lessons for any student. The students enjoy “playing” and I love knowing they are practicing on core standards. Keep creating fun learning activities and you will have excited, eager kids that will want to get onto your site to “play”! Learning should be fun with lots of playing! Thank you.

–Kindergarten teacher

I am a teacher, and I have been using this site with a student of mine who just moved to the United States. He is acquiring the language at a much faster rate thanks to this site! Thank you!

–Preschool and 3rd grade teacher

My daughter LOVES ABCmouse. She has learned so much from using all of the sections. We make it a point to complete at least 2 lessons daily and I have seen a huge improvement since she started ABC mouse when she was 3. Now that she is in Pre-K, I believe ABCmouse is the reason her learning level is as high as it is.

–Mother of a 4-year-old girl

I used this site for my son when he was three and he loved it. Now he is six, and he still is excited to learn information for his age. My four-year-old daughter started using it and now she is learning so much, which is intriguing my 18-month-old daughter as well. I would always recommend this site for parents. Even though I excel in academics, it has always been a challenge to find ways to teach my own children. Thank you for creating this site and helping me teach my children!

–Mother of three

We just moved to the states from Puerto Rico and our daughter had a little problem with the reading in English. We got this in October and all ready by December she was reading by herself. And her teacher and us are really happy with the improvement she has accomplished. So thanks for your program and keep up with your good work updating it.

–Father of a 7-year-old girl

My little boy loves the adventures and the time spent on your application. He also uses the application at school and has many advantages working with learning new spelling words, as well as phonetic sounds, which really help him and his journey and academic studies. My little boy is a special needs child as well as having autism, and we love your program!!!

– Mother of a 7-year-old boy


This is the absolutely the best gift I have ever received for my children and the best online game/app I have ever downloaded for them. My girls are 3 and 5. They can sit for hours and play this and never get tired of it. I am always shocked at how much they have learned. We are homeschooling so I really appreciate a program this comprehensive. Thank you!!

– Mother of 3- and 5-year-old girls

ABCmouse Case Study: Using Early Learning Technology to Prepare Head Start Families for Kindergarten

I’m thrilled to announce on my blog that Age of Learning has published another powerful case study of the efficacy of our Early Learning Academy, the leading and most comprehensive digital learning resource for children ages 2–7.ABCmouse Early Learning Academy efficacy in Head Start program

Children with access to high-quality early education learning experiences have been shown to be better prepared for kindergarten and subsequently more successful in school. As part of our ongoing efforts to support such experiences for young children, Age of Learning partnered with the Albina Head Start program in Portland, Oregon, which provides educational services to hundreds of underserved families, to offer children free access to ABCmouse Early Learning Academy.

This case study shows that the more ABCmouse was used in Head Start classrooms during the school year, the better prepared those students were for kindergarten. Teachers also found that ABCmouse helped engage families and fostered a meaningful classroom-to-home connection.

Read the ABCmouse case study…