ABCmouse Customer Feedback for July 2017

Once again, I thank the many parents and teachers who have written to us to share their positive experiences with our ABCmouse website and apps.

Thank you, ABCmouse, for letting my child learn new things. Now she can READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

—Father of a girl in West Palm Beach, FL


ABCmouse has been amazing and extremely beneficial for my students. It has been a great tool that allows me to connect the class with the home life. It gives the parents that are not able to come to the school the chance to see and interact with lessons their child(ren) are doing. … It is exciting and engaging.

—Pre-k teacher in Austin, TX


I love ABCmouse. I have used it with my students and my grandchildren. They have all shown an increase in skills after a short time. The lessons aren’t too long or wordy and are very engaging.

—Grandmother and special education teacher in Savannah, GA


In building the student/class course structure, ABCmouse gives you options in modifying lesson plans and activities to assist students who need additional teaching to help reach their goals. The lessons continue to keep students engaged in the activities at a constant pace. The interface allows the instructor to visualize the progress of each student and adjust lesson objectives accordingly.

—Pre-k and kindergarten teacher in Modesto, CA


My granddaughter loves this program. She is turning 7 this year and entering 1st grade and loves all the activities ABCmouse offers. Hours of fun and learning—thank you ABCmouse!

—Grandmother of a 6-year-old girl


I love the ABCmouse activities and how it tracks progress and keeps the students challenged as they learn. … Overall, AWESOME content and learning system … and the graphics are GREAT!

—Preschool and pre-k teacher in Las Vegas, NV


ABCmouse has really helped me differentiate lessons for my students.

—1st and 2nd grade teacher in Cincinnati, OH


I love ABCmouse. My kids are learning so fast and they are enjoying everything that they do. They’ve never had so much fun learning new things. This site is great, I recommend it to everyone.

—1st and 2nd grade teacher in Shreveport, LA Early Learning Academy Apps’ Success

Age of Learning - Early Learning Academy Android App

Age of Learning – Early Learning Academy Android App

Back in October, I posted about Age of Learning‘s launch of the Early Learning Academy app for Android devices. This post is a quick follow-up to check in on their success.

At the time of my last post on the apps, I mentioned that we had over 1,500 ratings on the free Android app in the Google Play store, with over 1,000 of them 5-star.

I’m pleased to report that, as of today, our Early Learning Academy app has just over 5,000 ratings, with more than 3,400 of them 5-star ratings. The Google Play store also reports that there have been between 500,000 – 1,000,000 installs of the new app. Great progress!

The latest Early Learning Academy app is also currently earning a stellar 4.5-star rating in iTunes.

Lastly, the app was recently featured as one of the 15 must-have kid apps for 2015 in the San Antonio Express-News.

Age of Learning Releases New Android Early Learning Academy App

Age of Learning - Early Learning Academy Android App

Age of Learning – Early Learning Academy Android App

My company, Age of Learning, recently launched a new and improved Early Learning Academy app for Android devices. The updated app now supports the very latest version of Android, KitKat, and offers significant performance improvements for our mobile users on most Android devices.

We’re happy to report that the Android app already has more than 1,500 ratings from the Google Play store, with almost 1,000 of them 5-star ratings.

The app is free, but you will need an membership to access the content. If you are already a member of, you can simply log in through the app to access your account. members enjoy full access to our online preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten curriculum on their Android device. With more than 5,000 engaging and interactive learning activities covering reading, math, beginning science and social studies, art, music, and much more, this program offers a one-stop location for the educational needs of children ages 2-6.

Age of Learning also offers an Early Learning Academy app on iTunes. The latest free app for iPhone and iPad users (and members) is currently getting a 4.5-star rating.

After you download one of the apps, leave us your (and your child’s) rating, too.

Here’s to better early learning–on the go!