Our First ABCmouse.com Case Study

On the Age of Learning blog, we recently shared the first of what will be a series of research case studies focused on the impact of ABCmouse.com in schools and homes.ABCmouse.com Case Study - Graph of Literacy Gains in Julie C's class

This first case study examines the experience of Julie Choudhary, a 25-year-veteran kindergarten teacher in Escondido, California, using ABCmouse.com.  In particular, it focuses on her classroom success using ABCmouse.com to differentiate instruction and her ability to engage the families of her students.

Julie found that ABCmouse.com helped her students make significant academic gains, with growth on key early literacy skills of more than twice the national average.

To learn more, view the case study PDF here: Differentiating Instruction and
Engaging Families with Technology.